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SST / GST Services comprises of : 

  • SST/GST Investigation and Audit 
  • SST/GST Registration & Filing

Prevention is always better than cure

  • Review your SST / GST returns and declarations periodically,  seek professional advice when necessary.
  • Engage a tax professional to conduct a tax compliance review/health check on your SST / GST submission regularly.

What should you do when you are being investigated?

  • Do not obstruct the customs investigators from performing their duties should your premises face a raid.
  • Seek professional advice before the time limit to make a voluntary disclosure to customs.
  • You are required to provide any information and documents that customs requests. Do ensure that the relevant facts provided are correct and complete.
  • Be absolutely sure of your answers to the customs investigators, the facts that are to be disclosed should preferably be supported by documentary evidence.
  • Appoint a professional adviser to represent you during the investigation.